NERDS is an irreverent musical comedy that follows Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, two technological geniuses, as they blaze a path from 'garage inventors' to warring titans of the computer revolution. It was workshopped at NYU and the New York Stage and Film Festival in 2004, and was one of the headlining shows of the 2005 New York Musical Theatre Festival. NERDS premiered at the Philadelphia Theater Company in January 2007 and won Outstanding New Play and Outstanding Original Music at the 2007 Barrymore Awards.





Written By: Jordan Allen-Dutton and Erik Weiner. Music By: Hal Goldberg.      



















Exuberant! NERDS casts a web of digital delight! Deliciously shameless! The wackier the show gets, the cleverer it becomes. NERDS is an unrelenting hoot, and it sucks you in like a high-speed download!
–Philadelphia Inquirer
Tremendously entertainPing! Catchy score! Goldberg's score is a clever combination of pop, hip-hop, heavy metal, and gospel. Allen-Dutton and Weiner's witty lyrics complement Goldberg's musical beautifully in songs that are at once funny and shrewd in their ability to reveal character and move the story forward. An innovative and enthusiastic production that is a blast of fresh air!
–Philadelphia Weekly
–Talkin' Broadway
A spirited sendup! A dandy panorama of fun and songs! A super cast!
–KYW Newsradio